​Where the money goes...

The Upper Room is a non-profit organisation. We ask for donations so that we can help other people, and upkeep the meetings themselves.

We offer a proportion of the money to Fiona Hendy, a member of the House of the Open Door community (HOD) who is currently working to build an orphanage in Tanzania. So far our offerings to her have blessed her greatly and we wish to continue to help this cause.

The Parish of St Alban and St Stephen do not charge us to use their hall and facilities, however we feel it is right to offer them some of what people donate as a thanks for the support and accommodation of the prayer group of which without, would make it impossible to run.

Part of the night is usually provided by a guest speaker, most of whom live by faith and by the money they receive from the places they speak. It is only right that we offer them as much as we can for the teaching and the time that they give to us

Although the cost is little, the meetings do require money to be spent. For example, the refreshments that we provide, we offer a free library service, the sound equipment and PA that all needs restoring. These are some of the ways in which your donations can help us as a prayer group. Without the generosity, love and donation from people so far, the Upper Room wouldn't still be running. For that, the Upper Room team thank you greatly. There is absolutely no requirement to make a donation to the Upper Room, it's only if you feel it upon your heart to give, that we would like to receive.

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