Please pray for your core team

updated Sunday 5th July


is not meeting pending



Everyone is waiting to hear the outcome of the consulations and discernment. Whilst we will send out emails to alert you of any changes, this website is another good way of knowing if we are running any sessions. We often close for the summer so it is reasonable to expect to hear news after the summer holidays. Have a blessed summer.

The next Upper Room meeting is not yet decided.

Upper Room meets in the parish hall of SS. Alban and Stephen, Beaconsfield Road, St Albans AL1 3RB.



During a recent Radio Veralum interview we were asked for the website of Fiona Hendy's orphanage

which is the chosen charity of the Upper Room Prayer Group. Here it is

The latest film of the orphanage is here


Below is a clip of One Hope Project, more detail is below.





CaFE's new Life in the Spirit course called THE GIFT has given us a wonderful time in the parish introducing Baptism in the Holy Spirit. If your parish does not have a copy then please ring Tim on 07875 848138 and he can dicuss what deals are on offer.  The course comes with its own website to provide training and additional resources- see





For those that missed One Hope Project when they came to lead us in worship at the beginning of the year, here is the trailer for their album and a link to their website at the end of the video. If you would like an album, you can see one of the guys at Upper Room for a CD.